Things I’ve made trying to put my dent in the universe.

A list of projects I have worked on in addition to my day job. Some of them are personal projects, while others are for friends or family.

  • IllostrationAI

    My latest project where you can create AI-generated illustrations for your next project. I use a basic Stable Diffusion model to generate the illustrations.


    This is a German website about cryptocurrencies. I have built some tools here to help me get some insight about the current state of the crypto market. This project started as an Instagram account.

  • Alexander Wunsch

    Alexander is a nutrition and dietary coach who helps people lose weight. I advise him on technical solutions for his business and build his website. I also created his logo and designed his website.

  • Restaurant-Penelope

    Penelope is a Greek restaurant in Fürth that wants a nice-looking website. I created the concept, chose a theme, and implemented the website using WordPress.

  • Großkopf Elektrotechnik GmbH

    This company provides electrical services and needed a website. I helped with setting up WordPress and provided technical support.

    Grosskopf Elektrotechnik