Things I’ve made trying to put my dent in the universe.

A list of projects I have worked on in addition to my day job. Some of them are personal projects, while others are for friends or family.

  • VoiceBuddy AI logo

    VoiceBuddy AI

    VoiceBuddy AI is a smart voicemail assistant that helps you manage your incoming calls. It interacts with your callers and ask pre-defined questions and forwards the answers to your email. It's like a smart voicemail assistant.

  • RewriteBar logo


    Improve your writing in any macOS application with AI assistance. Quickly correct grammar mistakes, change writing styles, or translate text.

  • ClipNuggets logo


    Extract key takeaways from your favorite YouTube videos for free. The results are much better than the competition.

  • IllostrationAI logo


    Create AI-generated illustrations for your next project. I used Stable Diffusion model to generate the illustrations.

  • logo

    A website to find cool crypto projects and little tools like a halving countdown.