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Month #4: Validating more ideas

I completed the last month of my 4 projects in 4 months. My actual goal for this month was to create two landing pages for validation and to make 3-5 customers calls where I can apply the learnings from the book “the mom test”.

How I use n8n for background job for my Supabase database

If you're looking for a way to enable background jobs for your Supabase, n8n (node automation) is great no-code option. In this post, I will show you some use cases of how I use these tools for my projects einfachcrypto.de and illostration.com.

Month #3: Launch of Illostration.com

I completed the third month of my four projects in four months. I am launching my first SaaS product, illostration.com.

Month #2: Alexander-Wunsch.de

I completed the second month of my four projects in four months. Here's what I accomplished and what I learned.

Month #1: My summary of the first month

The first month of my four projects has ended. Let's talk about what I accomplished and what I learned before concluding.

Month #1: einfachcrypto.de

My first month will begin with the topic of cryptocurrency, as outlined in my first blog article. The overall goal is to solve my own problems with cryptocurrency investing.

4 Projects in 4 Months!

Inspired by Peter Levels 12 Startups in 12 Months I decided to do the "4 Projects in 4 Months” challenge.

My new Job at Klarx!

I have some personal news to share. I've landed a new job at klarx GmbH.

My Book Reading List

In this blog post, I share nice books that I have read.

My first post!

Yeah! This is my first blog post.