Month #1:

My 4 Projects in 4 Months will begin with the topic of cryptocurrency, as outlined in my first blog article. The overall goal is to solve my own problems with cryptocurrency investing.

This month is divided into several subprojects:

  • Add content to
  • Build a crypto calendar with important events
  • Build a crypto research tool

Add content to

  • Curate useful information for crypto beginners and create a small guide on how someone gets into the rabbit hole. The idea is not to write content but to link to the corresponding articles.
  • Create lists of useful tools, communities, blogs, and websites with useful charts.
  • For experienced users, the idea is to consolidate all my learnings and note them down.

Crypto calendar

It's difficult to keep up with everything that's going on in the finance and crypto space. The existing solutions are bloated by uninteresting airdrop events from unknown crypto projects. The goal is to focus on the most important cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin and Ethereum) and market events such as FOMC meetings, CPI and GDP release dates.

Crypto research help

A personal need inspired this project. It is time-consuming to compare cryptocurrencies to fundamental data such as teams, tokenomics, and social data. What I'm missing is a website like coinmarketcap that provides a nice overview of these attributes. The goal is to first collect factors that are important when doing crypto research and then execute these steps for some projects. During that time, I will explore whether it is possible to automate this process.

Another idea is to use AI to generate a summary of a whitepaper. This decreases the time required to read these papers.

I don't have a crystal-clear end goal in mind. This means I'll have to look into what's available, what would be useful, and how doable it is to build.

Further ideas

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