Why I created a referral page?

The problem with referral links

Many websites offer a referral bonus for friends. These sites do this as a marketing measure to get more users. You send the link or code to your friends and you or both of you get a bonus. The problem is that I as a friend do not want to be spammed with such links and I do not want to annoy my friends. Then when I want to sign up to a site, but I don't have a link or referral code ready. I don't want to spend time at that moment asking each of my friends.

What also happens is when you talk to a friend about a cool site you and then you realize he's already signed up. You could use his referral code to get a bonus. Or a friend tells you that they signed up for a site and then you are saying: "Why didn't you use my referral link?"

Why I created a referral page

What if everyone creates a page where all the referral links are listed? If I want to sign up for a site and need a link, I can pick a friend and then use their link directly. So I don't have to ask every friend if he is registered at a specific site and if he can give me a link. I can choose which friend I want to give a reward to. I have created such a page now (yes it is in german). You can find it here on my blog and I also added the link to my linktr.ee profile which I use on social channels. Now when a friend wants to sign up for a cool site, I don't have to search for the referral code. I just give him the link to my referral page. The next time he knows where I list links if he needs one :)

I would like to encourage everyone to create such a page so that we can all take advantage of these referral programs together. What do you think about this idea? Feel free to write me.